23–29 Market Square
An Artist book

Using the physical form of a book, my intention for 23–29 Market Square is to take the reader on a journey around the internal life of an apartment building. With each turn of a page, the reader wanders deeper and deeper into the fabric of its rooms, walls and passages – and simultaneously deeper into the (otherwise hidden) lives of its inhabitants...

The skeletal narrative has been inspired by various passages of fiction, all of which describe domestic spaces and the atmospheres alive within them.


Eight collage drawings comprise the completed printed work which exists as an edition of fifteen hand bound books.



23-29 Market Square
Visitation - A quote from Bruno Schulz's Street of Crocodiles
Ghosts, Figments and Recolections - Michael Chabon - The Amazing Adventures of Clay
Ghosts, Figments and Recolections
The Apparition of a Goddess - A quote from Roberto Bolaño's, Clara
The Apparition of a Goddess
Swim To Me - A quote from Miranda July's, No one Belongs Here More Than You
Swim To Me